Application + Removal

  • besoPressed Nail Kit
  • Clean + Dry Hands
  • Cuticle Wood Stick
  • Clean Work Space
  • Nail File
  • Nail Glue or Nail Tabs
  • besoPressed Cuticle Oil
  • Alcohol


Step 1. - Gently push back the cuticles. Using the rounded end of your woodstick, push them back to match the shape of the bottoms of the false nails for a natural looking finish.

​Step 2. - Test fit your false nails. Make sure it covers your entire natural nail comfortably. Adjust the sides and the cuticle shape/area by gently filing to best match your natural nails as needed.

Step 3. - Lightly etch your natural nails and backs of false nails. Gently slide the nail file against the surface of your nails, only going one way (avoid any sawing motions on the natural nails!) with little to no pressure. This enhances the adhesion of the glue. Optionally, roll a small piece of sandpaper and etch the backs of the false nails where your natural nails will sit for extra hold.

Step 4. - Thoroughly dust off & clean your nails and backs of the false nails with alcohol.  Let them dry completely before applying glue.

​Step 5. - Use a pin to gently pierce open the glue. 

Step 6. - Starting from the pinky of your dominant hand, apply 1-2 drops of glue on the false nail.

Step 7. - At an angle, align the besoPRESSED nail to your cuticles (sliding in slightly under your cuticles if you can) and with a rocking motion, slowly bring it down to press on to your nails completely. (The rocking motion will prevent air bubbles!) Hold the nail about 15 seconds then gently pinch-press the sides for 10 seconds. 
**If you decided to use nail tabs please use a tweezer to take off the nail tabs. Apply the tabs to your nail and cut off any of the excess of the tab that peeks out of the nail. 


 Step 1. - Soak nails in warm water. If you used nail glue start by applying cuticle oil to nails before soaking. After applying your oil soak nails in warm water. Soak for 15-20 minutes. If you used nail tabs soak nails for 5-10 minutes. 

​Step 2. - Use your cuticle stick. After soaking your nails take your cuticle stick and gently slide the stick in the siding of the nail bed. Be sure the nails are loose already from soaking to complete safe removal. 

Step 3. - Buffing + Cuticle Oil. Buff out each nail with your buffer for a smooth look. Remove any excess nail glue. After buffing use your besoPRESSED cuticle oil for a finished look.

TIP: If you want to reuse your besoPRESSED press on nails take your tweezers and peel off any excess nail glue or glue tab. Store press on nails back into your kit for the next use. 


Nail Glue or Glue Tabs?

Nail Glue

  • Long Lasting Wear
  • Strong against water + moisture
  • Natural Look 
  • Secure for those who work with their hands

Nail Tabs

  • Strong temporary wear (about 1-5 days)
  • Applied in minutes for on the go
  • Easy application + removable