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                                         HOW TO APPLY W/GLUE

1. Clean nail plate with alcohol wipe 

2. Buff nail until there is no shine

3. File if necessary 

4. Apply 3 small dots of glue to press on nail (spread until shiny)

5. Apply 3 small dots to your nail plate. (spread until shiny)

6. Press on the nail to your nail plate SLIDE ON!

7. Hold down for a full 30 seconds for each nail

                                          REMOVING FALSE NAILS

To remove your false nails soak them in warm soapy water for 5-10 minutes and they should pop right off. If false nails aren't easily removed after the first soak try soaking and removing them again. Pulling the nails off without soaking them is not recommended.  Pulling your false nails off before soaking them in warm water may damage your natural nails.